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Roofing and wind don't mix

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on ceiling The mold on the ceiling was caused by a small leak on the roof

With all of the high winds in this season make sure to check your roofs for loose or detached roofing shingles. make sure to contact SERVPRO of Santa Fe if you see anything wrong like missing pieces or holes in your roof. Wind and water are two very destructive elements that don't appear to be, but even a small amount of steady wind can detach some roofing materials, And a small amount of water can go unseen until there are thousands of dollars in damages such as mold or rotting wood, Once it gets to that state the entire structure can be compromised. The image shows the drying bubbles used to dry in place when caught in time. All of this can be prevented with a small amount of preparation.